Yet the Big Gun Show are more than just an assimilation of nostalgic sound, they’ve mixed their penchant with the iconic with their eagerness to swim in the contemporary tides of sound to create truly spectacular Country Rock. 

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In truth this is the best thing about TBGS full stop – is the fact that they are old enough to know better, but still young enough to know exactly where the trouble is. Influenced by Keef? ... And somewhere, even subconsciously there’s a man in his 70s who plays guitar in a rock band that is nodding in approval. 

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There are a million bands out there who sound a bit like this; but 99% of them are still playing Freebird and Satisfaction but The Big Gun Show have that extra ‘something’…..great original songs? A great singer? Super cool guitarist? An A* rhythm section? Whatever…..this EP is going straight into the car ready for the drive to work with my Cheap Sunglasses on; then for the drive home After Midnight when the roads are quiet and the engine will be loud. It’s that type of music.  

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Even after a cursory listen it was evident that singerist Gunter Woodson hasn’t been on a macro-biotic diet since the last record; this guy has moved on from ‘beer, cigarettes and French Kisses’  to whiskey and wild, wild women judging by his amazing voice  

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"When Gunter utters "I got my swagger back" you get the notion he's kind of discovering it in some born again state of being. The newness strikes me as wonderfully infectious. "Swagger" merits repeated listenings regardless of whether you're drunk, sober, horny, or Puritan. Last call never came across so beautifully lascivious." 

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